Dan veilleux

for New Hampshire

About Me

I am running for the New Hampshire House of Representatives because I care about New Hampshire and the Town of Amherst. My family and I moved to Amherst 11 years ago because we love the beauty and character of the town and the state. It's important to me that we have leaders in Concord who appreciate the unique aspects of our state that make it such a great place to live, but recognize that we live in a changing world that demands that state and local governments do more with limited resources. It will take creative, forward looking leaders to find a balance in meeting the demands of today's reality while preserving the nature and character of our great state.





Moving New Hampshire Forward


New Hampshire needs representatives who work in the best interest of everyone, not just a select few.



A lifetime of experience focused on a balance of public and private interests.

Addressing today's issues with attention to the impact they'll have on future generations. 


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