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Dan veilleux

for New Hampshire

About Me

​In 2008, when my wife finished her medical training, we faced the important decision of where we would raise our kids and build our lives. We explored many options across the country and even around the world before choosing Amherst, New Hampshire. Our decision was based on proximity to family, high-quality schools, low crime rates, a clean, healthy environment, and the financial benefits of a state without an income tax or a sales tax.

As a stay-at-home dad, I found that as my kids grew older, I was able to dedicate more time to public service. While I was elected to the New Hampshire House in 2020, I am also a past chairman of the Souhegan Advisory Finance Committee, a sitting member of the Souhegan Cooperative School Board, and a member of the managing committee of the Souhegan Regional Landfill District. These connections give me a unique insight into the issues facing the communities of New Hampshire. As a strong proponent of a revitalized public educational system and a safe, clean environment, I am able to bring my experience to Concord and provide input on education and environmental policy.

As an incumbent Representative seeking a third term, I remain deeply committed to ensuring that we have leaders in Concord who appreciate the unique aspects of New Hampshire that make it such a great place to live. As a legislator, it is important to me that I help preserve all the things that attracted us here, but I understand that what makes New Hampshire a unique place to live also presents unique challenges. I recognize the need for state and local governments to adapt to a changing world and do more with limited resources. It takes creative, forward-looking leaders to balance the demands of today's reality with preserving the nature and character of our great state. My goal is always to try to meet the expectations of life in the 21st century while embracing the "live free or die" motto.

In the New Hampshire State Legislature, I have promoted common-sense legislation, helping to pass bills that expand the rights of eye patients who wish to purchase glasses online, enhance tenant rights in cases of domestic violence, and update the administrative rules for solid waste districts. Additionally, I have sponsored bills that would support social studies teachers in public schools, reform election laws, modernize the rules for vehicle safety inspections, and improve safety on State Route 101.



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New Hampshire needs representatives who work in the best interest of everyone, not just a select few.



A lifetime of experience focused on a balance of public and private interests.

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