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Dan veilleux

for New Hampshire

About Me

As an incumbent Representative, it is more important to me than ever that we have leaders in Concord who appreciate the unique aspects of our state that make it such a great place to live, but recognize that we live in a changing world that demands that state and local governments do more with limited resources. It takes creative, forward looking leaders to find a balance in meeting the demands of today's reality while preserving the nature and character of our great state.

When my wife finished her medical training and it was time to decide where would choose to raise our kids and live our lives, we looked at many possible options around the country and even around the world. We landed on New Hampshire not only for its proximity to our families, but for its high quality schools, low crime rate, and, yes, the tax benefits of not having an income tax or sales tax. We didn't come to New Hampshire to change the very things that attracted us to the state. But we recognize that what is unique about New Hampshire creates a unique set of issues, primarily, how to meet the expectations of life in the 21st century and preserve the "live free or die" motto?

After raising my two kids to their more self-sufficient teenage years as a stay-at-home dad, I have committed a great deal of time to public service to help find unique ways of doing more with the resources we have. As a member of the Souhegan Advisory Finance Committee (SAFC) and now the Souhegan Cooperative School Board, I am committed to asking tough questions and pushing for accountability and prudent investment of limited resources. As a member of the board of directors for the Souhegan Regional Landfill District, I have attempted to apply my experience in the waste services industry to helping to find effective solutions to the solid waste and recycling issues facing the four member communities. And as a member of The New Hampshire State Legislature, I have worked to promote common sense legislation, including passing my piece of legislation as a prime sponsor, requiring optometrists to include all information on a prescription for eyeglasses, allowing patients to effectively purchase glasses through online retailers.



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New Hampshire needs representatives who work in the best interest of everyone, not just a select few.



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